1. This should be released end 2013 early 2014 on Rogue Beatz UK…A tune featuring G-One MC.


  2. I got the stems for this Legend4ry song and played around with them to the point of having a fully fledged remix. Enjoy.


  3. Made at the beginning of summer 2013.


  4. My first Drum & Bass tune and the last track I ever made in FL studio before switching to Ableton, however I have recently started using FL studio more again.


  5. My first ever Drum & Bass remix, made back in 2010.


  6. A tune I made in the winter 2013. Quite minimal.


  7. My debut EP, out on Rogue Beatz UK.


  8. Joined tumblr.

    So, im finally on tumblr (clearly).